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Located in the Aegean Sea Crete is Greece's largest island and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean and marks the boundary between Europe, Asia and Africa.

Crete has four districts. These are Chania, Rethymno, Heraklio and Lasithio.

Heraklion has become the capital.  Located just outside Heraklion is the Palace of Knossos dating back to 1500 BC. The town of Rethymno has a Venetian Fortress and an old Turkish quarter with mosques and minarets. The town of Chania isa typical Venetian town with a small secluded harbour with picturesque houses and cafes. 



The temperate Mediterranean climate of Crete shows itself by the mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers. East Crete is drier and warmer than West Crete, with the result that Chania being in the west is a lot greener than the desert like areas in the east. There is a similar difference between the north coast and south coast, with the south coast being drier and warmer.  Crete has an average of over 300 days of sunshine a year.


                          Jan    Feb   Mar     Apr   May    Jun       Jul         Aug        Sep     Oct   Nov   Dec

 Temperature in °C   17     17     17     18     20    22-24    24-26   26-27    24-26     22     20     18


Crete is the birthpalce of Zeus, and was the centre of Minoan civilization.  Known history in Crete starts during the Neolithic ages.  The beginning of the Minoan Period (2600-1100BC) coincides with the beginning of the Bronze Age. The Minoansestablished a naval empire in the Mediterranean during this period.  Crete was occupied at 67 BC by the Romans. Cortys became the capital of the province of Crete.  Crete becomes part of the Byzantine Empire from 325 AD to 824 AD.  The Arab occupation of Crete was a thorn in Byzantium's side and they often tried to retake it, without success.  The unsuccessful campaigns came to end in 962 when the Byzantine general Fokas captured Crete after fierce battles.  This marked the beginning of the Second Byzantine period of Crete, which ended at 1204. During the Fourth Crusade, Crete was sold to the Venetians.  In 1898, with the intervention of then Great Powers, Crete was autonomous state. Crete remained autonomous until 1913 when it united with Greece.


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